Sunday, February 15, 2015

Gluten Free Sample Kits

A really great thing to do for the picky gluten free kid, is to order a sample kit of products!  There are many different ways to do this: subscription boxes that come monthly, goggling manufacturers and seeing what they might send you to sample, or like I've been doing recently, getting a sample kit of products from Gluten Away!

Ive been following Taylor Miller for awhile on twitter @GlutenAway   He's a teenager living with Celiac Disease.  What struck me is that he is very passionate about health, wellness and nutrition at such a young age.  This gives me so much hope that Kid X will be the same.  He already knows to ask if something has "gwooten" in it and is not easily upset if he can't eat what everyone else is eating.

What I've found so interesting is that for the past few years, Taylor has organized a virtual gluten free expo called Gluten Away Online Expo which occurs a few times a year.  The next dates are April 1st through 7th.  You get Free Admission, there are virtual booths with over 100 gluten free products and huge giveaways!  Some vendors have great recipes posted with ideas on how to use their products. My favorite thing is purchasing a product sample pass that allows you to get samples from vendors shipped to your house!  Just like if you were attending a live event!  I've found products that KidX really enjoys (thanks enjoylife smores bar!) and even some that I won't pick up again!

Kid X is about to celebrate his birthday and we ordered great gluten free cupcakes in a jar from Wicked Good Cupcakes a vendor that was at the virtual expo! So chocolate birthday cake cupcakes are going to be a great surprise!  I usually make his cupcakes, but I've been really busy with my work and essential oil business, so this year, its cupcakes in a jar!

Also for his birthday, my Mom purchased 3 sampler kits from gluten away. The Top 8 Allergen Free Snack Kit(a kit with Enjoy Life cookies and snack bars)  The 16 Bar Sampler Kit( just as it sounds, 16 snack bars from several companies) and The February Sampler Kit (samples of various gluten free products) These samples came in handy for our impromptu road trip for Valentines Day!  I also love being able to put a different snack in Kid X's lunch box everyday!

Thank you Taylor!  It's so nice to see others caring so much and taking the time to educate others on a gluten free lifestyle especially at a young age!

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Ham: Not Always Gluten Free

I love getting e-mails from  because they have great lists of guides and restaurant menus with gluten free items.  I recently got an e-mail on ham, one of KidX's favorite things. Give him Ham or Bacon and he is in heaven!  (well I think he loves chicken nuggets more) We do go at lengths to purchase certified gluten free ham from companies like Dietz and Watson, or Jones Dairy Farm.  But it's really hard in a local grocery store to find some of these hams.  So check the label and if not, you can always call the manufacturer.  Most hams are inherently gluten free if they don't have a glaze on them, but many are processed in plants that could have cross contamination.  So here are hams on the Gluten Free Ham Listing, one of the listings you can find at Gluten Free Guide HQ!  
Armour Meats
Hams are gluten free, there is cross contamination risks at the processing facility.  Not recommended if you are highly sensitive to gluten.

honey ham
Virginia ham
browned Virginia ham
cooked ham
lite ham
cooked ham and water product
spiced luncheon meat

Boar's Head
All of their meats and cheeses are gluten free.  This is a big list! Some I've never even heard of in my grocery store! 

all natural apple-wood smoked uncured ham
all natural uncured ham
black forest brand boneless smoked ham
bold habanero ham
boneless smoked ham steak
branded deluxe ham (and low sodium version)
Canadian style bacon
cappy brand ham
gourmet pepper brand ham
pesto Parmesan ham
prosciutto do parma
rosemary and sun-dried tomato ham
smoked Virginia ham
sweet slice boneless smoked ham
tavern ham
Virginia brand ham

Bob Evans Grocery
Not my choice by a long shot, but the company says there are two safe varieties they manufacture. 
cubed or diced ham
ham steaks

It's not pork based, but they have gluten free turkey ham! Just a side note, only 2 of their products they manufacture have gluten: meatballs and stuffed frozen turkey. 

turkey ham

Cook's Ham
All of Cook's Hams are gluten free.  This is a really long list with great varieties of ham goodness! I fee like the Buba Gump of Ham typing out this list! 

mini hams
ham medallions
ham chops
ham steaks
breakfast slicked smoked ham
smoked pork chops
original smoked ham
smoked mini pit ham
lean half ham
spiral sliced apple-wood smoked pit ham
hors d'oeuvre ham
carvemaster flat pit ham
premium boneless ham
tradition whole or half boneless ham
semi-boneless ham
skinless shankless hams
steamship ham roast
portioned hams
ham steaks
pork shoulder
smoked pork hocks
smoked ham shanks
smoked pork neckbones
sliced salt pork belly

Dietz and Watson
This company produces certified gluten free ham options! A great option if you can find them in your local stores.

black forest ham
branded cooked ham
all natural uncured classic dinner ham
gourmet lite cooked ham
imported ham
gourmet lite Virginia ham
Virginia baked ham

Hams are gluten free but there is a risk of cross contamination in the processing facility

black forest ham
brown sugar ham
Canadian maple
chopped ham
ham steaks
honey cured 
honey maple
luncheon ham
off the bone ham
smoked pit ham
spiral sliced holiday ham
Virginia baked ham
imported ham
fried ham
reduced sodium ham

Farmland Foods
A very big list as well.  All gluten Free!  I don't think I've ever heard of Bavarian ham! 

bilingual ham and water product
boneless steak ham
honey cured boneless steak ham
cook's ham(30% less sodium version and water products)
sliced ham breakfast
sliced ham chops
honey cured and hickory smoked ham steaks
cook's farmland safeway hams
cook's hickory smoked portion ham
reduced sodium ham steak
farmland Bavarian brand ham
farmland brown sugar
farmland carvemaster flat ham
farmland cooked ham water added
farmland deli ham
farmland julienne ham strips
farmland premium deli
farmland sliced ham
farmland cooked ham with 35% less sodium
farmland country lean brand cooked ham
farmland gold medal brand ham boneless
farmland pit hat
farmland royal danish brand ham
farmland back forest ham
boneless ham steaks
spring hill brand cooked ham

Several ham products and ham deli meat style choices.  

peppered ham
tavern ham
Virginia brand ham
cooked roast pork
imported brand cooked ham
premium cooked ham

Hillshire Farm
AVOID!!  This company doesn't even test for gluten on it's products at this time! 

Holiday Ham
None of their products contain gluten, but they don't test for gluten on their products either.  AVOID!! 

Hormel has many gluten free products.  They do have the potential for cross contamination during processing because they don't test for gluten cross contamination.  However, I have tried the uncured bacon at times when I just have no other choice and Kid X has been ok. 
dublique canned hams
hormel black label canned hams
hormel cure 81 ham and ham steaks
hormel ham patties
hormel back label chopped ham
hormel diced ham, cubed ham, ham steaks
natural choice brown sugar deli ham
natural choice cherry wood smoked ham
natural choice cooked deli ham
natural choice smoked deli ham
jennie-o refrigerated turkey ham
farm john boneless ham
premium tradition brown sugar and honey golden tradition canless honey ham(DON'T USE THE GLAZE PACKET, CONTAINS GLUTEN) 
farmer john bone in hams
farmer john ham steaks original smoked
brown sugar ham
back forest ham
ham roll
honey ham
premium honey ham
smoked ham

Jones Dairy Farm
Jones Dairy Farm has several gluten free options and bacon

all natural cherry hardwood smoked uncured ham slices
ham slices
all natural cherry hardwood smoked uncured ham steaks
dainty hickory smoked ham
whole family cooked ham
bone in fully cooked ham
whole old fashioned hickory smoked ham

Smithfield doesn't have a gluten free list but some ham flavors are gluten free, I won't include them because they can't produce a true gluten free list. 

Wellshire Farms
all of the holiday hams are gluten free(well it's only one on the list)

healthy holiday ham

Of course there are many other companies out there and this list is not 100% comprehensive, just a quick guide to help you at the grocery store to stay safe and reduce your risk of getting glutened!