Sunday, March 1, 2015

Gluten Free Food Allergy Fest Austin Texas

Wow!  What an event!  Even though I had the entire family there it's hard to keep up with an active 4 year old when you want to keep talking to each vendor about the products!  I had a great time, caught up with some blogger friends and basically had lunch for FREE!  I wish I had taken some pictures to share or post but I really was running through each booth grabbing a sample, coupon or something!  Kid X enjoyed pizza, brownies, cookie dough bites and his favorite booth, the Enjoy Life one!  He was very excited to get samples of his favorite snack bars!

Here are some of the highlights:
Met Vegetarinmamma and scored a wonderful recipe for Raspberry Breakfast Casserole! (I may just make this for dinner this week!) I'm definitely getting her cookbook in the future!  While Kid X may not be able to enjoy it as much as I will (I was vegan before changing our families diet) I can pretty much adapt anything to his needs at this point!
Freedom Foods: Kid X loves the Tropico's rings.  Free from gluten, nuts, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy and sesame, it's a winner for most allergies and Kid X can enjoy cereal again!
Earth Balance: I know them for their vegan butter and mayo, I had no idea they make popcorn and these wonderful little bites called PB Popps! Vegan, gluten and dairy free peanut butter popcorn! Kid R and Dad loved them!  Kid X doesn't do well with peanuts but I did let him try a bite and her said they were great!
Nogii:  This is a line from Elizabeth Hasselbeck.  I have found the protein bites at costco and put them in Kid X lunch as a sweet treat.  But they make a kid's bar that is like a rice crispy treat!  I'm definitely going to be in search of these at our local stores! Kid X took a sample of every bar they offered! He said," I really love these chocolate bars."
Whole Note Baking Mixes: I can't say I've seen this brand at any local store, but man did they have great waffles and pancakes to sample!  I see they have a pizza crust, crepe mix and several muffin mixes.  So I'll be ordering some of these: I'm really interested in trying the crepe mix!
Way Better Snacks: I recently got some of these snacks in a snack pack from Gluten Away.  So I know these are delicious!  I've tried Sweet chili and Spicy Siracha!  I'm a fan.  My husband really likes them also, so if it's gluten free and he's a fan, it's a WIN!
Smart Flour Foods: An Austin Company, I love their pizza crust!  I usually purchase this as Sprouts, but if you live in Austin, you can get a pizza from Mr. Gatti's  with this crust.  I was also surprised to find that a locally brewery which we are co-op members of, Black Star Co-Op, uses smart flour as well!
Crafted Gluten Free: Another subscription/specialty gluten free box service.  You know I love what Gluten Away is doing, and I am also going to check this one out!  They have an awesome Kids Subscription box full of kid snacks to try!
Brazi Bites: Brazilian Cheese Bread!  I get these often and I love them!  So does Kid X!
Celeste's Natural Kitchen: A local Austin Catering Service, now I can't afford this but she had some amazing paleo pumpkin muffins to try!  I did sign up to win some free meals from her though!  Standard packages start around $300.
Glutino and Udi's: Enough said!  Kid X eats tons of glutino cookies and pretzels.  He even knew what he wanted: honey mustard pretzels.  Udi's has just partnered with pizza hut and we enjoyed a pizza at Kid X's recent birthday party!
Enjoy Life: Kid X's ultimate favorite gluten free snack! Whether it be cookies, snack bars or baking morsels.  I can say he really loves the products!  Enjoy life foods are certified gluten free and free from the top eight food allergens as verified by the Non-GMO project.

There were many booths I rushed by trying to keep up with a 4 year old.  But again many I wanted to go to like last year but didn't get the chance!  A few to mention are local ones, so I can do this anytime like: Austin East Ciders, Blackbird Bakery(her mixes and cookbook are awesome), Sweet Ritual and many more. Red Apple Lipstick is one I seem to always miss: boys have no interest in this!  Next year maybe I'll go both days.  One day for me to go around the booths and the next with Kid X and the family!

The cool T-shirt  picture is a shirt from I'm a Celiac!  Go order one of her cookbooks or how to live gluten free guide books! I have all of them!!  It's a little big but Kid X will grow into it!