Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kid X

I have a wonderfully bouncy three year old that has inspired me to blog.  He loves trains, owls, cars and Mickey Mouse.  He sings "wheels on the bus" and "eye of the tiger song" or as Katy Perry calls it, "Roar" incessantly.  My kid X could read books all day long or slide on the playground all day.   He's a normal three year old.  But kid X has gluten sensitivity issues and well as issues with fermentable oligo-, di-, mono-saccharides and polyols. Or as the abbreviation goes FODMAP foods.  I want to share my experiences with parents that are struggling to figure out "what the heck should my child eat?" when finding out that they are celiac,  gluten sensitive or struggling with food allergies.
My husband and I are in this wonderful awesome family with Kid X, our three year old,  Kid R, his daughter and Kid I, my older son.  So as you can imagine,  nobody wants to eat the same thing!  So as I set this blog up there will be more stories,  ideas,  recipes and survival tips of a mom and her family coping with gluten, FODMAP's and my own seafood allergy!