Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gluten Free Costco Shopping

I'll admit it, I've never been to Costco!  The closest wholesale store near me is Sam's.  We do have a membership, but I've never really used Sam's for anything more than toilet paper and a few other household necessities.  I do save on somethings while I'm there, I still am 2 years into a box of plastic spoons.
I know  from the online world that Costco has some amazing gluten free items!  So Kid X's Grandma and I went on a shopping spree.  And big thanks to Grandma, for getting a membership!  Our plan was simple, find a bunch of gluten free snack options that Kid X can eat!  Her can't do a ton of fruits due to his FODMAP sensitivities so I found as many healthy and slightly unhealthy snacks that a toddler could enjoy!
First off, Kirklands signature cashew clusters  These little nuggets are crunchy and sweet!  We also got Kirklands mixed nut blend, unsalted!

Some things I can't actually remember the brands or find an image of are some natural beef jerky, it was gluten free and didn't have any extra preservatives, which I love!  Kid X doesn't do well with all that nasty gunk added. Also gluten free brownie mix! Elizabeth Hasselbeck has a line of protein bar nuggets and that was Kid X's choice, all he was seeing was chocolate bar!  So that will be his big treat for school days!
Ancient Harvest had some cool grain mixes or as I tell Kid X, it's rice!  Because explaining what quinoa and amarath are is really hard to do to a 3 year old!

Also who couldn't leave without Udi's Bread! They sell a "normal sized" loaf (like all of the gluten containing brand sizes) at Costco for the same price as the small loaf you can find at your local grocery store!

I will have to go back not on a busy Saturday and perhaps childless to explore more.  There were several items I passed up to hurry up and get out of the store because Kid X was ready to eat his snacks!

Unit next time Costco!  Thanks for being really gluten free friendly!