Monday, January 26, 2015

It's Girl Scout Cookie Time!

It's the most sinful time of the year!  Girl Scout Cookie Time!  While many of you are gorging on Samosas(or Caramel Delights) Dunking your Thin Mints into an ice cold glass of milk, some of the gluten challenged folks out there are just dreaming about them.  Well wait no longer, gluten free cookies are here!  I know they had some last year, but we weren't one of the people that got to indulge in the inaugural trial. And I really wish they had some GF thin mints.....

There are two companies that produce Girl Scout Cookies. My understanding is that it depends on your local Girl Scout Council to make the decision for what bakery they are going with for that year.  Little Brownie Bakers has the Gluten Free Toffee-Tasitc Cookie and ABC Bakery has the Trios Cookie.

So I'm sure many of you were Girl Scouts, but this was one of the times of the year I hated!  My Mother, who was my troop leader, had us at every possible selling place that we could possibly go. While I loved the goal of going to camp, I hated the sale.  Standing out in the freezing cold, dreary rain, and in Texas, it could be HOT sometimes!  I did this from Brownie to Cadet.  I did however enjoy hanging out with some interesting " older boys" from our neighborhood at the local grocery store.  Sheldon, went to our church.  I loved watching him practice bagging groceries when the store was closing, practicing to be the "fastest bagger in the world" and Josh, several years older and lived in my neighborhood in a house that had the same floor plan as ours.  I though it was cool that this older boy would even talk to me, a dorky younger kid, but we did hang out occasionally at the grocery store or even when I was riding bikes around my neighborhood, those were the cool memories of selling cookies. (sorry Mom, I really disliked it, even though camp was awesome!) Oh but I did love Golden Yangles.  They were triangle shaped cheese crackers.  I could eat them by the boxes!  So glad my Mom kept them in the deep freezer and we could enjoy them all year long!

So your choices are Toffee-Tastic, which is the cookies that my local scouts are selling.  They cost me, GASP, 5 dollars a box!!!  I'm told this is actually below the national average, still sticker shock none the less.
This cookie is a dense, buttery and crunchy cookie.  I liked it!  It would go great with a cup of tea, however Kid X though it was a bit too "hard."  It contains milk and soy ingredients so I wouldn't recommend it for multiple food allergies, and is probably why Kid X didn't like it because he's used to dairy free and gf cookies! Rice Flour and Tapioca Flour are the main GF ingredients in this cookie and yes it does have the dreaded corn syrup in it!  Serving size is 2 cookies for 140 calories.

The Trios Cookie is a Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie. I'd still love to try it out(wink wink friends across the country)  it sounds pretty good although Kid X can't really tolerate peanut butter with his FODMAP issues.  
This cookie contains certified gluten free whole grain oats.  It does contain peanuts, milk, eggs and soy.  However, it uses pure cane sugar instead of corn syrup.  Serving size is 3 cookies for 170 calories.  

When everything is said and done, you are supporting your local troops and that is the important thing!  My goal was always to go to summer camp, and I made it every year, even if I thought selling cookies was the least fun thing ever!  Kid X tried something new, and something that we won't be eating everyday.  Kid R is a scout and very excited to get out there selling some cookies.  She's got great enthusiasm and I'm sure she will be selling a lot!  I'm sure this won't be the last box of Toffee-Tastic Cookies I taste this year either!