Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Ultimate DIY Bundle

I really enjoy these Ultimate Bundle Deals, The Next one that will be available soon is the DIY Bundle.  While we are waiting for it, check out this mini course of FREE DIY ideas! Written in consultation with MyQuillyn from, this mini-course is intended to inspire folks to rediscover their creative side in 2015. It’s a simple course, and takes them through a short exercise in each of the 4 steps.

In addition to accessing the course, each subscriber will have the opportunity to earn some pretty awesome rewards by sharing it with their friends. These include:

- $5 off the Ultimate DIY Bundle (only 1 Referral)
- A FREE 1-year Subscription to Better Homes and Gardens Magazine (Only 5 Referrals)
- A FREE Ultimate DIY Bundle (only 10 referrals) PLUS the free 1-year BH&G subscription mentioned above (Only 10 Referrals)

And on January 21st, each subscriber will be given the opportunity to purchase their copy of the Ultimate DIY Bundle 2015.

The mini-course will only be available for 1 week tops, and we’ll redirect the site to the official Ultimate DIY Bundle site after 11:59 PM on January 20th.

Go Get it for FREE: